Digital Image Processing
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ECE 533 - Digital Image Processing

Credits:  3.00

Course Website:  D2L

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Course Assessment:

Homework:  6 – 8 assignments

Project:  1 project

Exams:  1 Midterm Exam, 1 Final Exam

Grading Policy:

Typically: 20% Midterm,

                  20% Final Exam,

                  30% Homework,

                  30% Project. 

Course Summary:

This course is designed to provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical experience to analyze and design digital image processing systems. The first part of this course covers two-dimensional signals and systems. Extension of key digital signal processing concepts (such as sampling, z-transforms, discrete Fourier transforms, and filtering) to two-dimensions are studied. During the second part of the course, properties of the human visual system are summarized and image enhancement, restoration, and compression methods are discussed. Course requirements include a project. Project ideas are developed in consultation with the instructor. 

ECE 529 (Digital Signal Processing); Concurrent registration, ECE 503 (Probability and Random Processes for Engineering Applications)

Multidimensional Signal, Image, and Video Processing and Coding, John Woods, ISBN: 0-12-088516-6, Elsevier.

Course Topics: 

1.     Two-dimensional signals and systems

2.     Sampling in two-dimensions

3.     Two-dimensional z-transform

4.     Two-dimensional discrete Fourier transform

5.     Two-dimensional discrete cosine transform

6.     Subband/wavelet transforms

7.     Two-dimensional filter design

8.     Properties of the human visual system

9.     Image enhancement

10.  Image restoration

11. Image compression

Class/Laboratory Schedule: 

Lecture:  150 minutes/week

Prepared by: 
Ali Bilgin
Prepared Date: 
April 2013

University of Arizona College of Engineering